Report: Preliminary satellite-derived drought assessment in Mekong Delta Region, South Vietnam (21 January 2020)

Evidences of drought detected in the South Vietnam. Some indication of vegetation stress conditions observed.
Further action(s): Continue monitoring & conduct a detailed assessment for further validation
Preliminary observations, impact and severity:
Evidences of drought detected in South Vietnam near the Mekong River Delta.
Most drought monitoring tools and models gave indication of the possibility of an ongoing drought in the region.
Model forecast suggest that there is a likely possibility that the conditions may continue over a prolong period.
This is an initial assessment based on the available tools and resources; however a detailed quantitative assessment needs to be done to confirm the exact nature of drought occurring in the region be it meteorological, hydrological or agricultural drought.
Further assessment should integrate ground based observed information and satellite data to validate the exact nature of drought conditions.

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