Report: Southeast Asia's turning point : How climate action can drive our economic future (8/2021)

Southeast Asia (SEA) nations faced off the massive stress from climate change effect and Deloitte's research team recently published 44 pages report " Southest Asia turning point" in late August. SEA including 11 countries is home & created job career for approximetly half a million people & represented aroud US $ 3 trillion GDP. The region's future is challenged by climate chnages issues, special gas emission & decarbonization. The input in report showned all actors ( goverments, enterpreneurs, communities) take responsibility boldly before it is out of human reaction. The average global temperature can be higher 1.5 degree C by 2050, it is forecasted to impact direcly economic growth. The nagative changing caused by climate change would be felt across in Thailand, Philippines currently, and Vietnam could likely affected soon. By suggestion modeling climate inaction in four stages: Bold climate plays; Coordinated change, Turning point, Low emission future within 2021- 2070. Southeast Asia energy industry would create & maintain more regional sustainable development and economic prosperity.

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