Report :Resilient Shores - Vietnam’s Coastal Development Between Opportunity and Disaster Risk (10/2020)

 The long coast covering Vietnam has brought tremendous benefit to Vietnamese residents but visible threats to people living along with it. The "Resilient Shores "document is developed by the great collaboration between Vietnamese Government, World Bank & Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, giving details picture the natural disaster ( flooding, drought, salinity intrusion, coastal erosion…) nationwide. Moreover, sixteen chapters with multi-data analysis will show the potential risks in-depth, review the current national efforts (policy framework, action programs) to manage, and suggest some guidelines balancing the menace and coastal ecosystem opportunities. By timely decisions and action plans, long-term vision strategies could boost coastal regions' resilience ability and preserve the coastal environment for future generations.

People could find other documents related to the link below in Vietnamese & English versions.

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