Special Report Youth for Climate Action in Viet Nam (5/2021)


Source: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Youth in Viet Nam represent 23% of the population and are a formidable force for positive change. They are a powerhouse for innovation and action, and some of our most effective allies to win the race against time. This first Special Report on Youth for Climate Action in Viet Nam, is entirely co-written by a cohort of 20 outstanding youth representatives from all regions of the country. The intention of this Special Report is to capture youth voices and share their common vision with policymakers so that they can receive adequate support and increase their contributions to climate action. It outlines the challenges faced by youth in undertaking climate action, such as limited access to technology and finance and a lack of cooperation with stakeholders, and highlights the accelerators that hold the promise of unblocking these bottlenecks. It also introduces a concrete action plan towards COP26 to enhance the capacity and contributions of youth. In this Special Report, youth have also committed to implementing their roadmap to accelerate youth-led climate actions from 2021 to 2025 in Viet Nam. 

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