Report :Circular Economy In Vietnam ( Jan/2020)

 Waste management in Vietnam is the highlighted issue that the government looks for a creative domestic solution and international support by financial aids and technology options. The country has more than 90 million population and fast development to face different kinds of waste from various activities. International experts and some nations believe Circular Economy is an excellent idea to solving and reducing it. Some models or pilot projects related to reusing or recycling in provinces give the potential opportunities to expand its other place and. However, the legislation document has not mentioned these terms in detail strategies. Meanwhile, the local government needs more training programs about the Circular Economy concept, which could effectively apply to their location.

The research team from Ha Noi University of Science & Technology and National Economics University published the document "Circular Economy in Vietnam" earlier in 2020 in as the value reference document. These pages would provide the general picture of waste management and the benefit of Circular Economic solution for treating waste. The 3R Strategy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is a particular part of waste flow (from waste to back production). That is a positive approach in Vietnam where build up and focus on the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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