Expansion of city's largest wastewater pumping station completed

114167_msn The capacity of the Đồng Diều wastewater transfer pumping station in HCM City’s District 8 has been expanded to meet demand for wastewater treatment caused by urbanisation. — Photo tuoitre.vn

 30 Sep 20 Vietnam news Source HCM CITY — Work to expand the capacity of the Đồng Diều wastewater transfer pumping station in HCM City's District 8 has been completed.

The station capacity was expanded by 192,000 cubic metres to 640,000 cubic metres per day to meet demand caused by urbanisation.

The pumping station is the city's largest one for wastewater treatment, according to the city's Management Board for Traffic Works Construction and Investment.

The station has added pumps with a capacity of 122.1 cubic metres per minute each, two sand sedimentation chambers, one 2,500kVA transformer and 1,100kVA backup generator.

A 3.6km-long double box culvert was also built to transfer water from the pumping station to the wastewater treatment facility.

The pumping station will collect and move all wastewater from residential areas in the basins of Tàu Hủ - Bến Nghé and Đôi and Tẻ canals to the Bình Hưng Wastewater Treatment Plant in District 8.

It will improve the rainwater drainage system, and reduce pollution and reduce flood risks on 2,510ha in districts 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11 where about two million people live.

The pumping station is part of a number of construction packages in the city's water environmental improvement project for the basins of Tàu Hủ - Bến Nghé, and Đôi and Tẻ canals.

One of the construction packages will increase the daily capacity of the Bình Hưng Wastewater Treatment Plant from 141,000 cubic metres to 469,000 cubic metres. Construction began in 2015. And it is slated to be put into use in the second quarter of next year.

Another package will renovate the water drainage system and build secondary water drainage lines and pumping stations in the basin of Hàng Bàng Canal in order to solve flooding.

A 33.7km-long sewer system to collect wastewater will also be built. In addition, canals and drainage pumping systems at Tàu Hủ - Bến Nghé Canal will be renovated. This will improve the rainwater drainage system by increasing the capacity of Mễ Cốc 1 pumping station in District 8 from 0.7 cubic metres to 1.5 cubic metres per second. — VNS
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