HN declares emergency over erosion in Chương Mỹ

90566_di A section of the Bùi river in Tốt Động Commune, Chương Mỹ District. — Photo

 03 June 20 Viet Nam News Source HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội's People's Committee has officially declared an emergency over erosion in some communes of Chương Mỹ District.

Erosion was threatening the safety of dykes along the Bùi and Đáy rivers, as well as the safety of people and property, a representative of the city People's Committee said.

A report on erosion in four communes, including Tốt Động, Quảng Bị, Hòa Chính and Văn Võ, were submitted to the Hà Nội People's Committee.

At a section of the Bùi river in Tốt Động Commune, local authorities discovered erosion along a 980m-section of riverbank, and along the dyke, many streams appeared when the river level rose above 4m.

There were six dangerous spots measuring from 10m to 65m, and at depths from 1m to 2m.

At a section of the river from Zét Bridge to Sắt Bridge, local authorities found an eroded area spanning 650m in length, and along the dyke some streams appeared when the river rose above 4m.

At least six dangerous spots were discovered.

Erosion has caused the collapse of a house close to the dyke.

At Quảng Bị Commune, the erosion was discovered with a length of 300m, causing the dyke to break. The issue was threatening the lives and property of 20 households.

An area was also found at a section of the Đáy River in Hòa Chính Commune.

Erosion has caused bamboo and fruit trees owned by 18 households to fall into the river, and 125m of a stone embankment in Lưu Xá Commune to collapse.

An eroded section was affecting the life of 50 households in Văn Võ Commune.

To protect construction work and ensure safety, the People's Committee has asked Chương Mỹ District to prevent people from entering dangerous areas; install warning signs around areas at risk of erosion; and arranging staff on duty.

The district authorities said people should take the initiative in protecting their property.

The city's People's Committee also requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to regularly update and report on the situation and the progress of solutions. — VNS


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