Is a perfect sanitation system without the need for desludging Exist?


Source: Global Water Partnership

On Friday, 4 August 2023, the 4th from the Innovative Solution for Water Secure World and Sustainable Development series was held. the webinar raised a topic of "Learning Exchanges from the Contributors of Integrated Water Security Open Program: Safe Water Gardens".

This series was designed as a learning exchange and a follow-up to the actions registered in the Integrated Water Security Open Program (IWSOP) platform.

The Integrated Water Security Open Program (IWSOP) was launched on 14 September 2022 during the Regional Workshop. To date, 30 actions have been registered, with spatial distribution across Southeast Asia Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Viet Nam. IWSOP is a multi-stakeholder program that aims to mobilize and synergize actions to achieve water security goals by implementing IWRM principles, the Sendai Framework, and the Source-to-Sea approach by providing a space for alignment of actions.

As a first follow-up to the IWSOP action's registration, the theme of Water and Sanitation Hygiene was chosen, featuring our Partner Safe Water Gardens' initiative, located in Bintan Island, Indonesia.

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