Joint efforts to key to saving water resources: official

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 24 Mar 20 Vietnamnet Global Source  Water and climate have a close relationship and addressing problems in water resources was the key to better adaptation and limiting the negative effects of climate change, a senior official has said.

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Cong Thanh recently sent the message to organisations to mark World Water Day (WWD), March 22 and World Meteorological Day (WMD), March 23.

The United Nations chose 'Water and Climate Change' as the theme for the WWD and WMD this year.

In Vietnam, Thanh said, climate change happens every day and every hour leaving serious consequences including drought, saline intrusion and floods in different areas.

It also proves that water resources are seriously and directly affected by climate change leading to problems of livelihood, economy and environment, he said.

Extreme weather issues such as flood, drought and saline intrusion have occurred more frequently and unpredictably, directly affecting surface water and groundwater resources.

UNICEF data shows that nearly a third of the world's total population cannot access clean and safe drinking water.

Thanh said that with the theme for WWD and WMD this year, global rainfall monitoring measurements to build a common data system for different purposes was imperative. The purposes included scientific research and water resources management to optimal use of water for socio-economic development and natural disaster prevention.

To ensure water resources security and sustainable development, water management should focus on building and conducting projects on national water resources and water resources in river valleys, he said.

Management organisations should improve supervision on water exploitation and use. Reservoir operation must strictly follow processes issued by the Prime Minister to ensure essential water use demand and limit the consequences of floods and droughts.

Measures to reduce pollution in rivers must be employed and investment in the wastewater treatment industry should be encouraged.

Deputy Minister Thanh called for more care from the community and policymakers to resolve water resources issues.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will complete legal procedures and policies for the development of meteorological work towards a meteorological industry in Vietnam.

The ministry will also improve human resources for meteorological work and give priority to meteorological observation network automation.

The amount of measuring stations in rivers and climate radars will be increased to improve forecast quality.

Thanh said that to use water resources effectively and sustainably, cooperation from all of society was needed.

Each resident should use water economically every day and improve awareness on water resources protection, an essential contribution to water management and coping with climate change, he said./. VNA
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