Ministry of Construction plans to expand HCM City drainage system

141967_VG05090431240920PM The Ministry of Construction plans to increase HCM City’s drainage network from to — VNA/VNS Photo

24 March 21 Vietnamnews Source HCM CITY — The Ministry of Construction has submitted to the Government for approval plans to triple the length of HCM City's drainage network.

The existing network, built in 2001, is 650 square kilometres, and the ministry wants to expand it to 2, to deal with the flooding that routinely occurs in parts of the city.

The work is proposed to be completed in 2030.

It includes setting up in 2026-30 seven more sewage treatment plants, Nhiêu Lộc–Thị Nghè, Tây Sài Gòn, Bắc Sài Gòn 1, Bắc Sài Gòn 2, Cầu Dừa, Tây Bắc, and Suối Nhum.

When they start operating, the city's treatment rate will reach an estimated 88.3 per cent.

Because of high tides in the Sài Gòn and Đồng Nai rivers, heavy rains and land subsidence, HCM City is among 10 global cities most vulnerable to sea-level rise.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, its rivers could rise by 30cm by 2050 and 75cm by the end of this century.

By 2050 the number of communes and wards affected by tidal flooding is expected to rise to 177 covering 61 per cent of the city's total area. —VNS


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