Phu Quoc faces water shortage

phu-quoc-faces-water-shortage Water level at Duong Dong Lake which is supplying freshwater for people in Phu Quoc Island has quickly fallen.

 15 Mar 20 Vietnamnet Global Source The southern tourist island of Phu Quoc is facing water shortage due to serious droughts.

According to the Phu Quoc District People's Committee, the long-lasting hot and dry weather has made the water-level at Duong Dong Lake which is supplying freshwater for people in the whole island to quickly fall.

"The lake has total capacity of 3 million cubic metres and is supplying some 15,000 cubic metres of water a day to local residents," the committee said.

"However, the water level at the lake is decreasing by between 5-6 centimetres every day, and it is estimated that the lake will become dry up by early May if droughts continue."

The committee said that they have informed tourism operators and other businesses on the island to be aware of the situation and asked local residents to try to save water.

"We've also discussed with the district's water supplier to dig more wells while waiting for the expansion of Duong Dong Lake which is expected to be completed next year," the committee added. 
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