Soc Trang declares emergency due to saline intrusion

80348_man A dam system was built in Sóc Trăng Provinceto keep out saltwater intrusion and to store freshwater.

 16 April 20 Vietnamneet Global Source The Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang has declared a state of emergency after drought and saltwater intrusion hit the region, strongly affecting local residents' lives and production.

The provincial People's Committee has requested relevant agencies to take urgent measures to protect agricultural production and ensure water supply for household use.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development was asked to provide regular updates on the situation.

The agriculture sector will work with the People's Committees of districts and towns to implement urgent solutions to cope with drought, water shortages and saline intrusion.

Sóc Trăng is one of the provinces which was seriously affected by drought and saline intrusion in the dry season this year.

Salinity rates of four parts per thousand (PPT) have been recorded 50 kilometres further inland.

Some 26,000 households face water shortages, while tens of thousands of hectares of rice, vegetables and fruit trees are likely to be affected.

The province has assigned priority to building temporary dams to keep out saltwater intrusion and to store freshwater.

The localities will coordinate with relevant agencies to set up mechanisms and policies to support agricultural production and help people overcome the damage. — VNS


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