UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Concept Solutions.


Concept Solution

The final phase of the UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Groundwater is the Final Presentation. All the teams are required to present their best concept solutions as well as to show the banner they have made. The outputs then will be scored by the juries to determine the winning team and also voted by audiences to vote the favorite team. 

Aquam1an Team

Our Team – Aqua1man propose a project with the aim of providing further information related to Dong Nai biosphere reserve, its groundwater, and the relationship between them. This project focuses on grade 6& they are approached by simple, concise, and understandable content, attractive presentation, and simplified paper models which reflect the relationship between the biosphere reserve and groundwater in quantity and quality. All of the project materials including the paper models and lesson diaries will be handed over to teachers and schools after the project . In short, the project can be sustainably established without the direct management of the project team.

Eternity Team

 An educational website for 10th grade students at Eternal Highschool in Dong Nai is established for additional knowledge and to raise awareness about saving water as well as preserving biosphere reserves, which is considered a long-term strategy to protect the environment in general. The website consists of lecture modules, videos, and tests for students. The program will be incorporated into Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve Website, which means there will be a window leading to the website with the VR-assisting system. Each phase will include pilot and conduct modules, onsite learning, and assessement part. Finally, SWOT analysis is applied to assess the project's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to come up with appropriate recommendations such as early preparation when working with representatives from the high school and strict finance management, then focus on promotion through Eternal High School.

  1. Bioera Team

Bioera found that the community already knew the importance of groundwater in daily life. However, the community currently doesn't have awareness about the protection of groundwater, some of their activities in daily life like burning garbage, using pesticides, and herbicides, and organizing spontaneous tourism activities, ... may cause harm to water sources in the future.We want to attract the participation of the local community, and protect groundwater in Dong Nai BR through an Art Contest for 11 members of the "Green" club where are participated by local committees and organizations such as the Women's Union, Veterans' Association, schools. The program includes a seminar, and knowledge exchange on the topic: "The impact of domestic waste on the environment, especially groundwater". With Bioera's network could spread information about the contest as well as the contest products to go further from Dong Nai province to Ho Chi Minh City and across the country.

Rainforest Team

Ecolution, or ecological solution, is a project that aims to increase public awareness of groundwater by proposing an alternative water source: rainwater. Specifically, it engages Dong Nai 11th graders to create small rain harvesting models to be used at schools and households.. Throughout an immersive summer training sessions, Students will have the chance to discuss with experts about the connection of biosphere reserves, groundwater, and their connection through rainwater. Ecolution also rhymes with evolution, because we always believe IF we make the knowledge of rainwater use more tangible, practical and attainable. THEN we can motivate individuals to be more proactive                                                           and transformative in their actions.

The Vicious Six Team

The Vicious Six calls attention to groundwater and Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve with the project name " NOW YOU SEE ME" - an interactive exhibition that will be held in Ho Chi Minh City. Our team plans apply VR glasses with headphones for virtual Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve seight seeing . Moreover; we use the Groundwater model to visitor understanding the flow of water from upstream to underground and what groundwater really is. Last but not least, the visitors will enjoy Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve photos It could be the ethnic people such as Cho ro who have various traditional customers, or the local rangers devoting their life to save the biodiversity. After attending the exhibition, attendees are expected to have an understanding of their roles, the threats that they are facing and how people can protect them

Amreta Dharani Team x Royal HaskoningDHV

Amreta Dharani has the vision "Toyane Roto Mili, Masyarakat Uripe Mukti" (in Javanese) which means equality in water distribution, and local community living happily. Through direct mentoring with Wika Ristya from Royal Haskoning DHV, the team that consists of Sadida, Arsy, Irwan, Rahmawati, and Imelia, proposed Toyo Ranger in Bale Toyo Program to achieve proper planning and water management. Toyo Ranger is an organization that work in the field of water resource management in Sokomoyo Sub-village. In conclusion, they divided the project into 3 main pillars: Operation, Education, and Economy. 

Guppy Guppy Team x Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

The team has the vision of "Preserving groundwater sustainability by reviving the Girimulyo village's resilience capacity as groundwater induction area" through the program of Argo Tirto. Agro Tirto is a program that integrating economic, social, and environmental sustainability through collaborative community processes to preserve Biosphere Reserve as groundwater induction land throughout the area. The idea is to integrate the eco-tourism with the technology of water recharge. The program was proposed by Arriel, Kornellius, Dhyhan, Najmira, and Tegar, as well as Jelle Hendrik Terry as the mentor from Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl.

Alpha Team x IDEP Foundation

Alpha Team – Mufti, Tiara, Afiya, Luqman, and Anysah, with Putu Bawa and Marsha Himawan as the mentors from IDEP Foundation proposed the vision "Water for All: Handarveni, Hangrungkebi". The team worked and proposed solutions focusing on communal integration through (1) social customs, (2) water preparedness awareness, and (3) pipeline continuation and retention ponds. The solutions detailed with the stakeholders that involved, funding scheme, the output, and the milestone. By detailing each of these solutions, they aim to elevate the ownership of groundwater with nature and culture.

Tanah Air Team x Sembalun Permaculture

Tanah Air Team proposed the program of Naga Tirta and the vision of "Empowering the Youth of Purwosari in Recognizing the Biosphere Reserves Area and the Importance of Groundwater". Naga Tirta is a four-week activity program where youths can explore and discuss ideas and solutions on Biosphere Reserve and groundwater in Purwosari Village. By implementing this program, they expect to increase the awareness of youth and influence other stakeholders to initiate changes. During the challenge, the team – Hafidz, Catherine, Demas, Rahma, and Setia, got mentored by Gibran Tragari and Feby Hendola from Sembalun Permaculture. 

Waterful Team x Universitas Gadjah Mada

Waterful Team which consists of Nailul, Abigail, Jesslyn, Sunan, and Irfan, as well as Tri Mulyani Sunarharum as the mentor from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Through process from defining the problems in Purwosari Village until make the list of possible solutions, they aim to drive groundwater management and develop the existing sites to engage local business. The team's vision is "Praise Water with Joy" through the program of edu-tourism. The edu-tourism itself consists of groundwater tour experience, culture for conserve, agroedutourism, and satisfy amenities.

The Winner!

After all the teams and mentors have presented their ideas and solutions for water resiliency in Merapi – MerbabuMenoreh Biosphere Reserve and Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve, the juries went to the designated break-out room to assess the team's score (from the checkpoint until the final presentation). The winning team was finally determined.

The winning team of UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022 is


The Alpha Team successfully convinced the juries to recognize their creative approach, which was part of a larger package that included a coherent problem identification, solution, project timeline, and finance scheme. They also became the favorite team in this challenge by receiving the most social media likes on Instagram. Special thanks to IDEP Foundation: Putu Bawa and Marsha Himawan for excellently assisting and mentoring the Alpha Team for over a month. Alpha Team and the IDEP Foundation deserve sincere appreciation!


The Aquam1an Team successfully showed excellent team performance not only on the final presentation but also since the first presentation. The team showed outstanding teamwork, and it shows in their thinking process, problem identification, the team's vision, and they offered concept solutions. Congratulations Aquam1an Team, you deserves to be the winner! 

Vacancy: Project Consultant (Vietnam)
UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2022: Groundwate...


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