Waste to Energy in the Age of the Circular Economy: Best Practice Handbook ( 12/2020)

 Circular Economy is the new concept applied in Vietnam recently. It requests to rethink how humans treat the waste from different sources and create a value of the new business model with community involvement. The global movement has raised the awareness of environmental issues ( as Global climate change, Greenhouse gas emissions, Waste management…). Sustainable Engery also is on the top priority from the National master plan in the long term development strategy.

The Asia Development Bank ( ADB) published this document, "Waste to Energy in the Age of the Circular Economy: Best Practice Handbook" in Dec 2020as the guideline resource. Waste to Energy provides solutions for both ecological loading and energy production significantly. Researcher teams expect this guideline document to help understand the situation and transition process from the out updated mindset to Circular Economy while dealing with pollution problems.

The link: https://www.adb.org/publications/waste-to-energy-age-circular-economy-handbook

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